Below are my behavior consultation packages. Select one or more packages by completing a consultation form stating which package you chose. You will receive a response with further information. Sessions can be done via phone, video or in-person. Consent and release forms are provided.

Telecommunication sessions (Phone or video)- $30 per hour

In-person sessions - $50 per hour

*****I provide payment plan options for each package.

Package 1

(If determined that a FBA should be conducted/Completion time 2-4 weeks~)

Cost: $315 (includes 4 hours of Telecommunication sessions

Cost: $365 (includes 4 hours of in-person visits)

Cost: $450 (Consists of the involvement of BCBA supervision. Includes 2 hours of telecommunication and 2 hours of in-person visits. There must be a minimum of one in-person visit that consist of a recorded 10-15 minute hands-on session. This will be evaluated by the BCBA.

  1. Identify and define the challenging behavior****(If it is more than one behavior an indirect assessment will be conducted first and if the other behavior(s) serves different functions then a separate package would need to be purchased for each one)

  2. Establish a goal or outcome

  3. Identify Reinforcement

  4. Prepare Materials (Visual schedules are an additional $25).

  5. Select and train on Evidence Based Interventions (EBI's)

  6. Review two weeks of data collection. **** If mastery was achieved prompts will be faded. The delivery of reinforcement will move from immediate to variable. This is to make it less predictable. In addition, there will be an attempt to generalize the replacement skill to be performed in other environments.

Package 2

(For group behavior-based strategies for the workplace, classroom or home. Completion time 1-2 weeks)

Cost: $50 (Does not include telecommunication or in-person visits) ***If client wants consultation via telecommunication or in-person please view pricing above

  1. Group Contingencies (Will provide token reinforcement system and/or contingency contract system)

    · Dependent- One student or a small group earns a reward for the class by meeting a specified behavioral goal (good for students who enjoy peer attention and promote social peer inclusion

    · Independent- The entire class has the expectation to meet a criterion or behavior goal but the reward is provided to those students who meet the specified behavior goal/criterion.

    · Interdependent- The entire class or a small group of students earns a reward when they meet the established goal (This promotes active student involvement, such as positive peer influence).

Package 3

(Toilet Training. Completion time 2-4 weeks)

Cost: $125 (Includes 1 hour of a telecommunication session)


Cost: $145 (Includes 1 hour of an in-person visit)

  1. If the learner does not have any medical issues that can impede them from toileting than an initial behavior consultation will be conducted. The cost of the initial consultation is $50. It consists of questions to determine if the learner has prerequisite skills. If the learner does not have prerequisite skills than the family will be advised on what to do. ****The family will only be charged for the initial consultation at the price of $50

  2. If the learner has the prerequisite skills data collection will occur followed by a toilet training schedule and training.

    **** For toilet training strategies a data collection sheet will be provided. Please ensure that the learner has reinforcers. A timer is needed as well. If family does not have a timer, please let me know.