About me

My name is Andrea Brown. I have several years of experience working with children, adolescents and adults with developmental, learning and addiction disorders in school and community-based settings. I am a single mother of a son who has autism and intellectual disability. Despite my personal struggles in being a single parent I was able to obtain a Master of Science in Psychology with a specialization in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) (2016). I also have an Advanced/Post-Graduate certificate in Applied Behavior Analysis from the Chicago School of Professional Psychology (2017). I was on the direction to achieving the BCBA licensure. However, my journey has diverted as that I've become quite passionate in helping families to address their child(ren) behavioral challenges outside of the school setting. I hope to re-join the pathway to BCBA licensure, but I feel deeply called to harvest the familial community. I've developed the company Harvest in an effort to gather families, educators and community liaisons to work collaboratively and effectively in addressing undesirable behaviors among vulnerable and underserved populations. Oftentimes, schools, for-profit and non-profit organizations tend to fail in effectively providing families with resources to assist in addressing their loved one(s) behavior challenges. Oftentimes families are unaware of community and clinical based resources. Additionally, some schools either withhold or lack knowledge on behavior management via the principles of applied behavior analysis. I provide clients with knowledge of positive behavior intervention support (PBIS) and applied behavior analysis to help them understand the difference and then they can decide which methodology they feel would best address their child's behavior needs. PBIS is a scientifically proven intervention however, it tends to not address a child's behavior outside of the school setting. I share strategies (PBIS & ABA) that are beneficial to school, home and community-based settings.

Andrea Brown, MS

Behavior Consultant

My mission

My mission is to provide families with the tools they need to effectively address challenging behaviors and encourage desirable ones. Effective behavior change takes a team effort from the child(ren) home environment where their first lessons are learned. Children learn behaviors in their homes, where it becomes either enforced or deterred. Children are more prone to comply with direction and guidance provided by their caregivers. Therefore, it is pertinent to educate and train families on how to successfully address their child(ren) problematic behaviors. It truly takes a village to promote change and I strive to work with those who are ready to be hands on.