When we change behaviors and environments we yield a harvest of desirable behaviors for our children and students

Welcome to Harvest, where I provide behavior consultation services using the principles of applied behavior analysis and positive behavior support

Harvest Behavior Consultation Services

Harvest provides behavior consultation services using applied behavior analysis principles. Services include functional behavior assessments, toilet training, and group management strategies. We also offer training in data collection and evidence-based interventions. Additionally, some of the services can be provided under the guidance of a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA).

Behavior Consultation Services

Behavior management strategies are provided via the principles of applied behavior analysis. Applied behavior analysis has been scientifically proven to be effective in reducing challenging behaviors and enforcing desirable behaviors. Research has shown that applied behavior analysis is most effective when applied anytime from birth- 3 years old. However, applied behavior analysis is continuously effective among older childhood and adolescent populations.

Principles of Applied Behavior Analysis
Functional Behavior Assessment

During a functional behavior assessment indirect and direct assessments are conducted. This is used to determine what is likely maintaining the challenging behavior(s) through data collection, defining the behavior and determining a replacement behavior.

Harvest ensures that behavior management strategies are considered evidence-based interventions that stem from peer-reviewed, rigorous research and some have undergone meta-analysis. This is to ensure the validity and integrity of the interventions used.

Evidence-Based Interventions